CBD Tinctures Vs CBD Oil: All You Need to Know

CBD Tinctures Vs CBD Oil: All You Need to Know

As the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) is growing, so is the number of CBD delivery products available in the market. Many people still confuse "CBD oils" and "tinctures" despite the two being different in a variety of ways. In reality, they are distinct products with different manufacturing processes. Continue reading as we take a closer look at the differences between CBD oil drops and CBD tinctures.

What Is CBD Tincture

A CBD tincture is the result of CBD extraction from the cannabis plant using high-proof alcohol. The cannabis is soaked in alcohol, after which the mixture is slowly heated. The process results in the infusion of the alcohol with CBD. The solution is then boiled and diluted to produce CBD tinctures. Tinctures are frequently blended with sweeteners, flavors, or vegetable glycerin to conceal the bitterness. Depending on the product's objective, some manufacturers may also include vitamins, herbal extracts, or supplements such as melatonin. Technically, if you are looking for CBD oil tinctures, you may actually be referencing CBD tinctures.


CBD tinctures are recommended to be consumed sublingually. Alternatively, they can be blended into regular drinks. Adding CBD oil tinctures to beverages is much easier as they are water-soluble. CBD tinctures, unlike CBD oil, cannot be applied topically.

What Is CBD Oil

CBD oil is made up of a mix of CBD extract and inert carrier oil such as medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil. CBD, as well as other elements such as terpenes and flavonoids, are extracted from the hemp to produce CBD oil. CBD oil is usually extracted using a technique known as supercritical CO2, which preserves the plant's quality, sustainability, and bioavailability. After the appropriate chemicals have been extracted, the carrier oil is added to the solution. Also, essential oils are sometimes used to add flavor.


CBD oils can be vaped as well as used topically. They can be an excellent addition to fat-soluble meals like butter and cookies.

Which Is Best For You?

CBD oils and CBD tinctures can both be beneficial depending on your requirements and preferred method of use. At the end of the day, both variants derive their beneficial properties from CBD. These include:
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reducing chronic pain
  • Helping with anxiety

Final Word

It remains important to deal with a reputable manufacturer's when looking to buy CBD tinctures or CBD oil for pain. HempBaby’s high-quality CBD delivery products are available in a variety of flavors and go through third-party lab tests, ensuring that your CBD use is both safe and beneficial. Send an email to info@hempbaby.com or use our contact form to get answers to all of your questions about CBD oil tinctures and CBD oils. You can also create a free membership account to start your CBD shopping journey.